Welcome to HTD! I’m so glad that you’ve chosen to visit us online and to find out a bit more about us. I know what it’s like to check out a church and did it myself before accepting the position of senior pastor here. The things that I prized then are still the things that I prize now. So, perhaps I might just introduce you to the things that I particularly value.

The people here are people who are passionate about their faith in the Lord Jesus. They love hearing God speak to them from the Bible and having God’s word explained. They love this because they want to learn about God’s great plan and God’s wonderful Saviour, Jesus Christ. They also want to serve him and honour him with their lives and they know that through hearing his word they will be equipped to do this.

Another great thing is that our church is a small snapshot of the wonder of what the good news of Jesus does whenever it is proclaimed in the world. Through the good news, people from all sorts of backgrounds and cultures are brought into relationship with God and are equally given the Holy Spirit. So, we have eighty year old Aussies who have been coming to this church since the day they were born. At the other end of the spectrum  is a child of a Chinese couple who were brought up as atheists but who have come to Australia and come to know Jesus here. In between there is a broad spectrum of ages and nationalities bound together in a common faith in the crucified, risen, and ascended Lord Jesus.

I hope that you might find this website useful in finding out about Jesus and about us. I also hope that you might visit us sometime. We’d be thrilled to explain more about Jesus and for you to learn together with us what it means to serve him.

Andrew Price, Senior Pastor