In 2011 we met together as a whole church to consider before God what would shape our lives before God under his word. This page, along with the ‘beliefs and values‘ page reflects our conclusions.

Our Mission

‘To prayerfully grow and make disciples of Jesus Christ for the glory of God’

Our Vision

We are a group of congregations bound together across a variety of cultures by a common commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ and a desire to see him known and honoured in our own lives and in the lives of those who do not yet acknowledge him.
To this end, for the glory of God we will pray and work to be

  • An outward looking church which seeks to witness to Jesus Christ in the local area, the city of Melbourne, Australia, and overseas, and to support other like-minded people and organisations.
  • A welcoming and friendly church that welcomes, loves, and cares for people from all backgrounds, ages and nationalities and seeks to nurture them in Christian faith.
  • A church committed to strong biblical preaching, teaching, discipline, and training that transforms lives and helps people grow in faith and godliness.
  • A church where all those who are Christians are encouraged to be slaves of Jesus through active participation in ministry.