The Bible teaches us that everyone who believes in Jesus is a ‘minister’ or ‘priest’.  For example, in the letter of 1 Peter, we read:

The Bible also teaches that we are all to serve one another with the various gifts and abilities God has given us, in order to build up the body of Christ. So in Ephesians we read:

However, we do have a team of people who are responsible for various parts of the body of Christ here at HTD.

Lead Pastor: Andrew Price

Andrew is married to Michelle and they have three young children.  Andrew was a school teacher, then studied at Moore College and worked in Sydney for five years before moving to Melbourne, which they love.  But more than that, Andrew loves teaching people about Jesus from the Bible and seeing them come to know Jesus and grow as followers of Jesus.  To relax, Andrew enjoys spending time with the family, a good movie, sport with mates, cycling and swimming (& should probably do the latter two more often!).

Senior Mandarin Pastors: David and Esther

David and Esther came to Australia from mainland China. Soon after arriving they both became Christians. Three years later they both felt called by God to fulltime ministry and entered the Bible College of Victoria (now Melbourne School of Theology). After graduating God guided them toward ministry at Holy Trinity where they together began a Chinese ministry from scratch.
The Chinese ministry at HTD has now grown into three congregations with about 300 meeting each week.
David and Esther feel that under God the goal of their ministry is to continually work with God to expand his kingdom and make disciples for Him. They also seek to ensure that Christian faith is passed on from generation to generation.
David and Esther have a married son and a granddaughter. David enjoys fishing and singing, and Esther likes reading and walking.

Young Adults and 5pm Pastor: Mark Chew

Mark was born in Singapore, but has spent more than 20 years living in Australia. He considers himself a multicultural person living in multicultural city and enjoys being part of a multicultural church. Mark is married to Elissa and they have two girls Emma and Lauren.

Mark does jigsaw puzzles to relax but enjoys a card or board game with anyone who’s interested.

Youth and Children’s Pastor

Geoff is married to Tiff. Before HTD, Geoff was a carpenter, after which both he and Tiff did a ministry training apprenticeship at the church they grew up at in Sydney. Following that they studied at bible college together.

Geoff loves to teach the bible to young people and particularly enjoys working alongside them and encouraging them to grow up to be mature, serving Christians.

Geoff and Tiff moved to Melbourne and HTD at the start of 2014. Geoff’s role is co-ordinate the children’s and youth ministry, which is a big challenge but a welcome one.

To relax Geoff likes to go for bike rides with Tiff; sometimes slow and easy and sometimes fast and difficult. He enjoys brewing and drinking coffee and learning new and interesting ways to make it and he takes every opportunity to watch mindless action movies when Tiff goes out.

Mandarin Morning Service Pastors
David Xu (part-time)

David came to Australia from Shanghai in China. He and Deborah planted the 10:30am Mandarin congregation in 2011. David was ordained as priest in November 2014 and is the lead pastor of this congregation.

David strongly feels called by God to work amongst the Chinese community in Australia and is ably assisted in ministry by his wife, Jenny. Their son (James) and daughter in law (June) are involved with the Mandarin youth ministry.

Deborah Lim (part-time)

Deborah was first exposed to Christian faith when she was in her final year of university in China. Then, after five years she became a Christian by the mercy of God. Since coming to Australia in 1989, she has servied God in a local church as a co-worker before joining HTD with her family in 1999.

Deborah graduated from the Melbourne School of Theology in 2015 and is serving the 10:30am Mandarin congregation.

Deborah is married to John Lim and they have two young adult children, a daughter Esther and a son Samuel.

Executive Pastor: Tim Walker

Tim is married to Anita and they have two children. After university Tim undertook a two year ministry apprenticeship before working as an Engineer for seven years; developing intellectual property into commercial products. In 2011 he made the change from engineering to theology and completed an MDiv at Ridley in 2013.

One of four children Tim grew up in and around Melbourne, experiencing its diversity, but also seeing the common need of all people to know God through Jesus.

When he is not spending time with his family Tim loves ‘improving’ items in his shed, riding bikes, exploring, and almost anything motorised.

Pastoral Care: Peter and Gwyneth Michalke (part-time)

Originally from the UK, Peter and Gwyneth moved to Melbourne in 1996 and became members of HTD the following year. It was during his time at HTD that Peter became a Christian.

In 2008 they both responded to God’s call on their lives to serve as missionaries with Reach Beyond Australia (formerly HCJB) moving to Kununurra, WA to oversee the construction and commissioning of a Short Wave Radio Broadcast Facility sending the gospel message to peoples throughout Asia.

When they find time, Peter enjoys being in his workshop making parts for his model steam engine while Gwyneth enjoys walks with their dog in the neighbouring parks and reserves.

Mandarin Youth Pastor: Alan Xue (part-time)

Alan grew up and went to tertiary education in China. He had travelled extensively in China with his work before coming to Australia. Since coming to Australia he became a Christian, was baptised, and grew in the faith at HTD.

Alan applied for theological education after sensing that God was calling him to ministry and spent three years being trained at the Melbourne School of Theology. Subsequent to this he became involved with the Chinese youth and young adult fellowship connected with the Mandarin congregation. Now was ordained as a priest in 2015 and serves in Mandarin youth and young adult ministry.

In his spare time Alan enjoys relaxing at the beach and bushwalking. He is married to Renee and they have two daughters, Oriana and Gloria.

Children’s workers: Jillian Davey and Michelle Caruana (part-time)

Jillian and Michelle teach and equip the younger members of our primary age Sunday school program, with the foundations for the gospel and to think about how to respond to God and the Lord Jesus and his work in the world and our lives. They also train and care for Sunday school leaders and equip them to lead and teach.

Curates, Students and Trainees
Vijay Henderson (Curate 2018)

Vijay is a born and bred Melburnian, although he and his wife Rachel spent nine years living and working in London. He is currently studying his Masters of Divinity at Ridley College with a view to being ordained within the Anglican Diocese of Melbourne. Prior to full time ministry, Vijay worked as an accountant in Doncaster and in London in the film and music industries.

Vijay is committed to helping adults read and understand the Bible for themselves but also has served for many years leading teen camps.

In his spare time, Vijay enjoys playing with his son Arjay and watching movies and camping at Wilsons Prom.

Devin Toh (Student Placement)

Devin was born  and raised in Melbourne. After meeting Jesus in his university years, he developed a passion to teach the gospel and disciple young Christians.

Before commencing a ministry apprenticeship at HTD, Devin worked as a lawyer for 5 years in the city, specialising in the (exciting) area of tax law. He is currently also studying part-time at Ridley College.

In his spare time, Devin enjoys playing soccer, badminton and golf, and relaxing with good mates.

Dietrich Cheung (Student Placement)

Born and raised in Melbourne, Dietrich is currently in the final year of studying an MDiv at Ridley College, with a view to full-time ministry. His focus has been working with youth and young adults – his passion is being able to see them grow in their knowledge and love of Jesus. Hobbies include: sport (all kinds), music and generally just chilling over a nice coffee!