As the name suggests, this service is a traditional Anglican Service. We use a variety of authorised Anglican prayerbook services and even use the Book of Common Prayer (1662) once a month. At the 7:45am service, the clergy usually wear reformed protestant robes and we remember the Lord’s death for us in the Lord’s Supper on most Sundays.

The Bible talk is generally on the same passage as the other Sunday morning services, although the preacher may differ.

The service is both solemn and very friendly. All are welcome. Twice a month we have morning tea together but many of us often stay around chatting after the service each week.

Our 9am service is also a more traditional service, formed by the structure of the prayerbook although often not using the prayerbook itself. There is a slightly more casual approach at the 9am service in comparison to the more formal 7:45am service and there is more singing. The Lord’s Supper is celebrated on the second and fourth Sundays of each month.

While contemporary songs are used, the weight is largely on hymns both new and old, accompanied by the organ.

While all are welcome, there is no explicit input given for children.

We often try to offer opportunity at some point in the service for interaction with each other, often in response to the Bible talk, which is a central feature of this service, as at all services at HTD.

Those at this service love socialising with each other after the service over morning tea. They often linger for quite some time after the service and clearly enjoy each other’s company and their fellowship in Christ.

Our 10:30am service is an informal service designed for families and those who prefer meeting across a broader demographic. It is much more relaxed in style than both the 7:45 and 9am services, often including a break during the service or a meal afterwards.

Children are catered for in this service and there is a children’s talk or song, after which the children can enjoy age-specific programs where they can grow in their faith in Christ and love for God (e.g. crèche, primary programs, and a youth Bible study). The Lord’s Supper is celebrated once a month with children present.

The music style at 10:30am is more contemporary and usually led by a band and vocalist/s but again, the main feature of the service is the Bible talk where we open the scriptures together to consider what God is saying to us. There is also often an opportunity to ask questions about what has been said.

Our 5pm service is an informal and contemporary service, welcoming of youth and adults of all ages and backgrounds. Contemporary music features, along with a Bible talk. We have a meal together once a month and celebrate the Lord’s Supper once a month as well.

This congregation has a broad range of ages, nationalities, and backgrounds and together we seek to make disciples of Jesus with the gifts God has given us.

Wednesday@2 is a service designed for those who find it difficult to make it to the traditional services on Sunday, which is generally some of our older folk. It is held at 2pm on a Wednesday afternoon.

The service consists of an informal prayerbook service of the Lord’s Supper (first and third weeks) or Evening Prayer, including a short Bible talk and a couple of hymns. After the service, we sit around chatting over a light afternoon tea.