When you think about it, there can be no avoiding the conclusion that it is impossible to truly know someone except if they reveal themselves. So it is with God. We cannot know whether God exists and what he is like unless he takes the initiative and chooses to make himself known.

At the same time, if there is such a being as God, then surely finding out what we can about him becomes of ultimate importance. For this reason, men and women throughout history have searched the world for clues as to about God. They have philosophised, talked, reasoned, argued and even risked their lives in this search.

As Christians, we believe that a series of astounding events happened in history that reveal God to us. These events began with a child born in a stable who was wondered at by people, feared by a reigning king, and rescued from his grasp. When little more than a child, he reasoned with the religious leaders of his day and amazed people with his understanding.

Some twenty years later, he resurfaced for a short public ministry of three years duration that fulfilled the words of the Old Testament prophets, ended in a criminal’s death at the hands of Roman overlords and climaxed in a well-witnessed resurrection from the dead.

Those three years of ministry and the events which followed them were destined to change the course of history. Jesus was a dynamic person to whom people listened eagerly and as they did, became aware that he was making shocking and startling claims about himself. In fact, he began to make claims that no sane person had made with any credibility. Moreover, he demanded that people respond to these claims and make choices as to who they thought he was. More than this, God himself testified about him as did other humans.

The testimony of God and humans was bold and strong. It amounted to a declaration that in Jesus, God himself had personally visited the world and not only revealed himself in an unmistakeable way but also acted through Jesus to enable people to be set right with God.

We here at Holy Trinity are a group of people who are convinced that this revelation of God in Jesus and what Jesus accomplished changes everything for the world and for us. We have chosen to orient our lives around his person and his deeds. He is the definitive revelation of God and the only way by which people can be made right with God.