Weddings at Holy Trinity



Overview of weddings at Holy Trinity

The general policy regarding weddings at Holy Trinity is that if you are to be married here then at least one of the couple will be a regular member of one of our congregations or have some strong links with one of our congregations in some capacity. In such cases, there is generally no cost for the use of the building or the involvement of Holy Trinity ministers, even though there may be sundry other smaller costs depending on additional items wanted and/or people involved.

On certain occasions there are exceptions made to this general policy. However, these are handled on a case by case basis and are at the discretion of the Holy Trinity ministry team. Where such an exception is granted the cost will be $1050 (which covers the use of the church facilities, ministry team members, site management, church decoration, rehearsal costs, organist, certificates, marriage preparation courses, and administrative costs).

It is expected that if you are to be married at Holy Trinity then you will attend one of our marriage preparation courses or an alternative mutually agreed upon. Holy Trinity marriage preparation courses are run by Holy Trinity staff at regular intervals throughout the year on a week night over two or three consecutive weeks.

All weddings at Holy Trinity have a strongly Christian emphasis and follow the order outlined in the Anglican Prayer Book for Australia and include the following essential elements (even though other elements may be included by negotiation with the officiating minister).

  • The consent of the couple and congregation
  • Vows
  • Bible reading and short Bible talk
  • Declaration of Marriage and Blessing
  • Prayer for the couple
  • Signing of the register
  • Presentation of the couple

Draft templates of wedding services are available here, as are examples of Bible readings and music: HTD_Wedding_first_order_v001.pdf; HTD_Wedding_second_order_v001.pdf.

Planning your wedding

For more information about planning your Anglican wedding service please liaise with Linda Drake at the Holy Trinity office (03 9840 2577). Linda has been our wedding consultant for a number of years and is very skilled at making the day the best possible experience. You will need to work out possible dates and times with her. She will also complete with you a detailed booking form and will guide you through the various steps that are involved and the practicalities that you will need to address that are part and parcel of the day. She will also ask you about preferences in terms of which minister you would like involved in the service and whether you want the service to be in English, Mandarin, or a combination of both.

Other Considerations

Be aware that if you have been divorced, it will be necessary for us to obtain permission from the bishop before our ministers can conduct the ceremony.

If you wish to have people other than Holy Trinity ministers involved in key elements of the service (e.g. preaching or music), then you will need to let us know about this as soon as possible. In certain circumstances such will be allowed by negotiation.